The official website of the Kingdom of Amethonia


Dear visitor, every now and then someone may try to pass his or herself off as either a member or relative of the royal family, or an official representative (in some way), of the kingdom, or of one of the royal orders. This is done to either trick unsuspecting persons out of their money, or to feed their own ego in some other way.

In order to greatly reduce the risk of you the visitor, falling prey to such a deceitful act, we want you to know:

  • The Kingdom of Amethonia has only ONE other companion site; you may visit us at:
  • Both sites are under the direct supervision of HRM the King, and His Majesty's Crown Council.  We have no other "sister", "brother", "Friends of," or other such non-sense sites.
  • All members of the royal family, officers of the kingdom, and members of the royal court are recorded in official records and can be verified.

 We encourage you to email us at any time, to verify the authenticity of any  claim made regarding the kingdom, its personnel, charity activities, or offerings. We do not sell knighthoods or titles.  

 Thank you, from the Crown Council of the Amethonian Realm