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Official Statement from the Crown Counicl of the Kingdom of Amethonia 

"The Royal Prerogative"




"Whereas above all else, the sovereign has full authority to, and may exercise the royal prerogative to dismiss individual members of the government, or to expand or dissolve the whole of the government, and command the formation of a new government of the Amethonian realm if  said sovereign is given sufficient cause to do so." 

The Paxton-Church Accord  (April 2018)
Alas, the attitudes of those in this world continue to exhibit constant change. The areas that were once in focus and in full color have now become unclear, and show up as grey. Things that were once steadfast, and sure, now fluctuate between consistency and inconsistency.
That which was once held in fond regard, seems to have given way to intolerance within societies.
Seeing these matters trending downward and manifesting into the potential inevitability of discord, the members of the micro national sphere must purpose to remain constant, for the betterment of ourselves, in spite of the dark trends that threaten to beset us.
Whereas these matters have alighted into our consciousness, we, the concerned did think it prudent to convene ourselves in seclusion, in order to weigh, ponder, and consider these matters now before us. To wit, the following monarchs, presidents, and noble representatives were in attendance at the Mini Microsphere Summit of April 27th, through April 29th, 2018,
HSH, the Grand Duchess of Ruritania, HRM, the King of Amethonia, the Minister President of Saint Castin, and, HRM the Prussian King.
Upon the ponderance of the facts and the grave concerns with which the micro nations are faced, with regard to the interactions of the micro national community, we have recognized the need to maintain a harmonious relationship with the micro national family, to which we have become an integral part.
We must therefore relinquish the air of biasness, and treat others with the basic respect that is due to all of us who have been made by the one Great Creator, and to each of us as members of the micro national body, more so, with tolerance and respect for individuality.
Displaying diplomatic courtesies as to the styles, titles, and representative(s) status of various micro nations.
Making continuous use of proper language, dialogue, decorum, and protocols within micro national events, and when addressing one another.
Give staunch support to those who become the persecuted.
Respect the sovereign rights of a micro national leader to govern his/her nation as per the prerogative of that leader, without interference or persuasion.
 We the signatories of this document, now known as the "Paxton-Church Accord," do compel ourselves so to do, with the help of our Great Creator, and we do invite whosoever believes in this noble and critical cause and pledge, to show his or her intent by lending their signature and/or seal to this document as a sign of solidarity. Henceforth