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Orders and Decorations


 A note from HM, The King of Amethonia

"Dear citizens, friends, and visitors, there has been much chatter of late about whether or not an order of decoration is an "ancient order" or a "modern order", and also, if an order is a "chivalric", or a "self styled" order.  Well to put all of this  useless banter to rest, I will say this;

  • At one time all orders were 'modern' when one considers that they were created in their day.
  • At some time all orders will eventually become 'ancient' (if such an order is not already) when one considers the eventual passage of time, God willing.
  • All orders were at one time 'self styled' because one or more people created such an order after his or her, or their own will and desire, to recognize and/or set apart one or more individuals. Enough said. (HM, the King of Amethonia)

Note: The below orders, medals, and decorations,were founded by the monarch and founder of        the Amethonian Realm, as such the sovereign is the sole authority, (Fons Honor), of the same.

       * There are two ways to become a Member, up to a Knight of an Order.

          The 1st way is by submitting a formal request, (in this case further instructions will be given to the applicant).

          The 2nd way is by Special Invitation from the Sovereign.

      *Awards, ranks, and other decorations must be earned, and are awarded, (conferred), at the sole        prerogative of the Sovereign.  An  individual may nominate another person for an order or              award, however, one may not nominate his or herself for a medal or award.

       Descriptions of the Royal Orders with the criteria for Investiture 

  •  The Most Illustrious Order of the Amethyst©
  •  The Most Noble Order of the Amethonian Lion©
  •  Order of the Knights of the Amethonian Real
  •  Royal Order of the House of Brownburg©  (Dynastic Order)   
  •  The Samaritan Award© (Medal) 
  •  National  & International Medal of Merit© 
  •  The Amethonian Medal of Courage© (aka. The Purple Max©)                                                                                                                                                                                  





 Most Illustrious Order of the Amethyst©

This is the most prestigious order of the realm.  This order is bestowed upon heads of state, members of the royal family, diplomats, and upon rare occasion other distinguished persons as per the prerogative of the sovereign only.



Noble Order of the Amethonian  Lion©

  This order is awarded to individuals who show extraordinary  bravery, courage, and loyalty in the protection of the reigning monarch.  This order is conferred by the monarch.

  Order of the Knights of the Amethonian Realm©

 This honor may be bestowed up persons deemed worthy by nomination. Evidence of worthy deeds are required and will be verified. 

  Royal Order of the House of Brownburg© 

  This is a nobility order reserved for the royal family of the Crown. The monarch confers this order. 


Golden Sheaf Award©

  This order is conferred upon citizens who make extraordinary contributions to the economy of Amethonia, or in some cases to the economy of other nations. It may also be awarded to citizens who give unselfishly to help the poor by supporting charitable  projects or organizations of Amethonia that feed, and provide basic necessities to the poor. 

All recipients will be recorded in the official records. 

  National and International Medals of Merit©

 This order  may be awarded to citizens of the realm or to foreigners who perform extraordinarily in a leadership role, and for the cause of liberty and freedom of individuals or nations from oppression in the international community. 


  Samaritan Medal© 

This order is conferred to recognize individuals who come to the aid of another in need of critical first-aid, or who otherwise makes and extraordinary effort to save the life of another person in any circumstance regardless of whether such person survives or not.  The honor is first recognized by the monarch, it may then be conferred on behalf of the monarch.

       Grain Award©

 This Order is presented to those who make substantial and  safe contributions to the Amethonian agriculture.

 Amethonian Medal of Courage aka The Purple Max©  

This medal is presented to members of the national defense forces and to members of foreign forces who come to the kingdom and fight to defend the realm.  This order is recognized by the monarch, it may then be awarded by commanding officers.


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