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About the King


Ernest Emmanuel von Brownburg Amethonia; by the devine will and grace of God; His Royal Majesty King Emmanuel 1st, Sovereign of Amethonia, Grand Prince of Brownburg, and founder of the realm. 

"Over eight years ago I received a vision from God that the Kingdom of Amethonia would rise into existence from the nothingness of long since forgotten and ignored land (s).  In the beginning, there was a vision. That vision became an inspiration, and that inspiration became a journey.  Ever since childhood I have always felt within my heart and mind I was meant to be a ruler and a leader; and now, here I am, His Royal Majesty; Ernest Emmanuel, Sovereign of Amethonia".

Born: January 10, 1959


Titles, Styles, Ranks, and Offices of the Sovereign

  *  His Royal Majesty

 *  King of the Amethonians

 *  Head of-State of the realm of Amethonia

 *  Chief Executive of the Realm

 *  The Supreme Justice of the realm of Amethonia

 *  Commander in-Chief of the Defense Forces 

 *  Earthly Head of the Church of Amethonia, and Holy Defender of the faith

 *  Sovereign (Fons Honorum), of the orders

 *  Champion Protector of the Amethonians 

 *  Grand Prince of Brownburg

 *  Lord of the House of Brownburg

  The Personage of His Royal Majesty is deemed sacrosanct (sacred, and revered)


  The Royal Cypher      



The King's  motto; "cum enim dii gerunt Auxilium" (With God's help I carry on) 



Some of  The Kings Favorites:



                 Akhal Teke                                             Arabian                                                               Lipizzaner




Belgian Shepherd ( Sheep dog) 



Forest Green, and Gold


Gardenia, and Colius


Raspberry Iced Tea